Aarhus Explorers, our international team of city guides, offer weekend English tours all year round.

This is the scheme for our weekend walks:

1st Saturday of the month:
The Vikings are coming!

1st Sunday of the month:
ART Hunt - Everything you always wanted to know about the Pig Monument, but were too afraid to ask.

2nd Saturday of the month:
Awesome Aarhus

2nd Sunday of the month:
Aarhus Explorers Special Walk*

3rd Saturday of the month:
Aarhus Explorers Special Walk*

3rd Sunday of the month:
Aarhus Waterfront and Island - from Dokk1 to Aarhus Ø

4th Saturday of the month:
Aarhus for beginners

4th Sunday of the month:
Marselisborg Royal Tales

5th Saturday of the month:
Aarhus by the Sea

5th Sunday of the month:
Aarhus Explorers Special Walk*


The Vikings are coming!:
The tour tells the story of Aarhus as one of the oldest Danish towns founded by the Vikings and visits the oldest stone church in Scandinavia built by them in 1060.

Awesome Aarhus:
We walk in the very heart of the city focusing on the history of the city, architecture, art or urban projects which have given Aarhus the big city looks.

Aarhus for beginners:
We explore the biggest attractions of the city, like the cathedral and the Latin Quarter and we share a lot of practical information about the city’s gastronomic, cultural and entertainment offer.

Aarhus by the Sea:
The tour shows you the fantastic developments at the Aarhus river mouth, the waterfront and Dokk1 area. We also explore the cultural life of the neighbourhood located by the sea.

Art Hunt:
The subtitle: Everything you always wanted to know about the Pig Monument, but were too afraid to ask reveals the tour’s contents: hunt for public sculptures, wall paintings and urban details hidden on buildings, pavements and bridges.

Aarhus Waterfront and Aarhus Island:
The marine walk goes from Dokk1 to Aarhus Ø, the new modern residential area. Ideal tour for modern architecture and art lovers. Take a camera (great views).

Marselisborg Royal Tales:
We walk in the Royal Park and Gardens admiring a wonderful collection of sculptures the Queen has received on different occasions. We explore the history of Royal Summer Residence Marselisborg Palace designed by Hack Kampmann. (check the website or FB site, as there might be changes due to the closing period of the park when the Queen is in residence)

Aarhus Explorers Special Walk:
Check the calendar for the details. It can be any of our regular walks or a new one.

All our walks last min. 2 hours and cost 80 kr per person.

Most of our walks are in English, but sometimes we guide in German, Danish, Spanish, Russian or Polish.
The order of some walks can be changed occasionally due to Aarhus events in 2018 or other holidays.
Therefore - always check the walks’ details and specifications in our schedule or Facebook site