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Joanna: founder of Aarhus Explorers, city enthusiast, world traveller and dragon tamer. She came to Denmark in October 2011 to join her Danish husband. She’s very fond of city art and modern architecture. In Denmark she loves the long summer days when you can still read your newspaper on your terrace after 11pm. She likes eating fish and flæskesteg, but she hates liquorice. Originally from Poland she can also guide in her native language.
Created walks: Everything you always wanted to know about the Pig Monument but were too afraid to ask, Aarhus for Beginners, From DOKK1 to Aarhus Ø, The City of Smiles - from the Vikings to Aarhus2017, European Capital of Culture, Awesome Aarhus
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Walter: a retired pastor living in Aarhus since summer 2014. He comes from Austria, has been working as (Lutheran) pastor in Tanzania, Congo and in Nurnberg in Bavaria. He is extremely interested in local history and enjoys to show the City of Smiles to tourists from all over the world. He is eager to discover the old and modern side of the city with people who like to share their impressions and dare to ask questions while exploring Aarhus. In his free time Walter loves to hygge, eat pretzel and drink Bavarian beer.
Created walks: Aarhus Houses, Aarhus for Beginners, Aarhus University, Aarhus along the pedestrian area, Awesome Aarhus
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Leif: born and raised in Aarhus. Worked as an export manager in the field of industrial electronics for 30 years, now retired.
Enjoys travelling all around the world and to see things that common tourists overlook.
Very interested in local history and living conditions of Aarhus people over the centuries. Fond of sharing his knowledge and love to the City of Smiles.
Created walk: Aarhus outside the city gates, Aarhus - from a village to a big city
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Xi Jingchen(Christina): born in Shenyang in the north of China, and came to Aarhus to study her master at the Aarhus University. She has a BA in Danish and the Danish culture, and that´s why she is in Denmark now. Jingchen is a photographer and translator in her free time because photography and languages are the biggest part of her passion. She is also fond of jewellery, vintage clothes, traditional cultures, hand-making things and all other beauties in this world. She loves travelling and will start her world trip after finishing her master degree.

Created trip: A vintage lover´s Aarhus.
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Carl: Born on Funen near Odense, Hans Christian Andersen's hometown. He has lived in and around Aarhus for 48 years, loves the city – and enjoys to tell all the exciting stories about it. Carl is very interested in local history and enthusiastically follows development of the City of Smiles. He enjoys good food and wine, travelling, rhythm in music and alpine skiing. He is a freelance journalist running his own business.
Created walk: The City and the Port of Aarhus – a happy and a long-lasting marriage. In 2018 he also guides 'From Dokk1 to Aarhus Ø' and 'Aarhus by the Sea'
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Loredana came to Aarhus with her boyfriend thinking to stay here for no more than 6 months, but they fell in love with the city and the country and they are still here. Last year she took a guiding course because in her country she studied Adventure Tourism. She likes meeting new people and walking/hiking. She loves being in touch with nature, running in the forest or riding a bike in the rain. She is a dogs-lover and Grey's fanatic (Grey`s Anatomy). Originally from Chile, but a bit Italian after her grandfather. She looks forward to guiding in her own language, Spanish.

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After 25 years as a journalist - mostly working for TV - Jørgen became a licensed guide in his hometown.
He is fond of history, both global and local, and showing Aarhus to tourists has become his new hobby. His favourite are St Clement's Cathedral, the City Hall by Arne Jacobsen, Marselisborg Palace and remnants from the Viking Age.
In his free time he listens to music. Occasionally he treats himself with a traditional Danish hot dog.
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Annemarie is a passionate retired art, architecture and German teacher, who enjoys showing tourists and locals all the spectacular and historical sites which Aarhus has to offer.
She has lived in Aarhus since 1972 when she began her university studies in German and Art History. A witness to the city's development over the years, she is happy to share her own memories and experiences at her tours.
Her guided tours include a lot about city sculptures, historical buildings, styles of architecture, urban spaces, street art, churches, and many more. One of her favourite sites to show is ARoS Contemporary Art Museum.
In her spare time, Annemarie also produces art herself: colourful and remarkable paper decoupages/collages in all sizes, displayed occasionally at local art clubs and church exhibitions.
Her family holiday home in Vejers Strand on the West Coast of Jutland is her favourite holiday retreat and she loves spending time here with family and friends, taking long walks on the beach and in the nature.   

Her favourite places and sights to guide: Dokk1, sculptures and art, the harbour, the City Hall, Aarhus Cathedral, Our Lady Church, Hack Kampmann's buildings, ARoS, ‘the Old Town’ (Den Gamle By), Marselisborg Palace and many more :)