Once we were independent travellers in Aarhus, now we live here and provide guided walks we would also like to join as tourists. For up to three hours our freelance guides share essential facts and funny anecdotes and lead you through forgotten passages to the hidden places of the past and modern city.

Our secret weapon is three Es:
  • TO EXPLORE the city with you,
  • But most importantly - TO ENTERTAIN.

We are constantly improving our skills to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of services. In season 2015 we ran a pilot project with tips-only walks to check how much people like the concept and appreciate our input. From season 2016 we are officially a part of
AarhusGuides, the oldest guiding organisation in the city. It means we can offer more walks and languages. We cannot provide tips-based walks anymore, but our fee will be extremely attractive.
We still hope to attract many locals and internationals studying or working in Denmark who like to be tourists and explorers in the City of Smiles.